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Day 2

Yesterday was very hectic due to the amount of people. Everyone in the same place at the same time. 30,000 people at the Keynote, then everyone went to the Expo. Then packed sessions. I didn’t even partake of the Welcome Reception because is was so crowded!

Today is better. People slept in, everyone didn’t need to be at the same place. Much more relaxing and less crowded.

Attended some good sessions:

  • Server 2019
  • Share point
  • Deploying Windows 10 updates

I even completed a hands-on lab (which I don’t like): “Integrate your on-prem Active Directory domain with Azure AD”

I’ve done this before, but I have an idea I can use in my current environment. The cloud is coming, need to be ready for the migration.

Lunch today was make your own pasta bowl, not good for my low carb diet, well neither is the beer. That reminds me, gotta go!


Just got out of the Keynote presentation by Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella. It was informative, but not any news on new versions of software, hardware, etc. He did focus on Tech Intensity and how companies need to use new technologies and create new technologies.

MS is partnering with Adobe and SAP to promote open data. They want their customers to have open access the the data they have stored across applications and vendors. They don’t want your data “stuck in silos”

Satya even showed a customer experience video of a company I had partnered with at my previous job with Lifeline Foods. Buhler is an innovative corn milling equipment supplier that is using technology to provide real time data from the milling process.

ATTENDANCE: Holy Crap! 30,000+. Too many people.

Finally for today here’s the bag: