Cut the Cord – Update

Well its been three months since I have cut the cord so I figured I would give you an update.

First, my cord is still cut!! I am still happy with the choice.  I have made some service changes, equipment changes and modifications which I will outline.

  1. DirecTV came out with their live streaming service, DirecTV Now, at the end of 2016.  They had a intro special to sign up for their “Go Big” package for $35/month and get a free AppleTV with a 3 month commitment.  So basically I got a $150 device for $105 plus the service.  No brainer.  The “Go Big” package has 100+ channels.  The service was very bad to start, but has since become alot more stable.  That being said I just cancelled my $40/month Sling service and will stay with DirecTV Now.
  2. Originally I had purchased two HD over-the-air antennas for the free local service.  They were approx $40 each and I had one connected to two of my TVs.  I was getting 6 channels with those, the three major channels except CBS.  Then I was wondering about my other two TVs.  Buy more antennas??? UGH! No, instead I purchased this external antenna, ViewTV VT-0958A Digital Amplified Outdoor Antenna   I mounted this on my roof and then ran a coax back to the outside cable box on my house.  This then connects to all my internal coax wiring in my house so all I need to do is connect the TV into any coax jack and I will get the signal.  I needed to use the supplied amplifier with the antenna and now I have 26 free over-the-air channels, HD quality and now I have CBS!! Ready for March Craziness!!
  3. I bought these for my AppleTV remotes and I love them. 
  4. I was able to watch the SuperBowl!!  The game was on Fox which I get for free on my antenna AND it was streamed for free with the FOX Sports app on the AppleTV.

So, here’s where I’m at:

  • Outdoor antenna, $32 – Gets me 26 channels, including all the locals and major broadcast stations to any TV in my house.
  • 3 AppleTVs – 1 free with DirecTV Now
  • DirecTV Now – $35/month
  • Hulu – $8/month

My monthly cost for television service now is $43/month.  Right now the only downfall has been DVR capabilities.  DirecTV Now has said they will be adding that feature in the future.

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