AT&T UVerse with Sonicwall

A location at work needed more bandwidth.  Unfortunately, the only option in the area was AT&T UVerse.  The location is a remote office that was currently being connected back to the main building through a Sonicwall NSA2400 site-to-site VPN.  I had heard and read alot of horror stories about trying to get the UVerse in bridge mode, getting IP Passthrough to work, etc.  Before the service was activated I printed out a 15 page doc that someone else used everytime they had to do this.  Luckily, I didn’t need it, it wasn’t that complicated.

Here are the details:

  • The UVerse modem is model 5258AC
  • The Sonicwall is an NSA2400
  • I order static IPs and got a block of 8

The technician gave me a handwritten paper with my IPs, Gateway, and Subnet Mask on it.  It said:

  • Subnet Mask:
  • Gateway:
  • First Usable:
  • Last Usable:

So I started looking and testing.  It is kinda confusing the way AT&T does this, more like I’ve just not seen it done this way.

  1. With nothing connected to the UVerse modem, I set my laptop to the first IP available in the block and connected it via ethernet.  I opened my browser and went to which brought me to the web interface of the UVerse modem.
  2. I looked around and this was the significant portion I saw in there,uverse2
  3. Once i figured out that the router had the 94 address, I realized I could probably set the WAN interface on the sonicwall to one of my other available addresses and be fine, which is what I did.weldsonicwall
  4. I then put my laptop on the LAN and was able to browse the network and the internet as expected.

No changes were made to the UVerse router at all.  Changed the IP address of the WAN interface to an available IP in my static block and everything was up as expected.  I then changed the IP on the other end of my site-to-site VPN tunnel and it came right up.

Alot easier than I expected and none of the nightmares others had reported.


The Cord Has Been Cut!

I called and cancelled DirectTV today and here is what led to it.


First, I received my AppleTV on Wednesday and my first impression was, THIS. IS. AWESOME!!

Setup of the unit was simple and Apple of course used technology to make it easy.  Just put your iPhone next to the AppleTV and it configures itself.  The voice recognition (Siri) works great, I used it to enter my Apple ID password.  The touch remote needs some getting used to.

I then downloaded the SlingTV app and the Hulu apps and started playing.  I loved it.  The experience was great.  The AppleTV unit controls my Phillips TV.  When you wake the AppleTV it powers on the TV and sets it to the correct input source, you can then control the volume, then when you put the AppleTV to sleep it turns the TV off.

SlingTV is very impressive, i think it’s worth the price to stream 49 live TV channels.  Hulu is great to get the TV shows I want.  I also downloaded the CBS News app to watch live news for free when I need it.

Next, I got my HD antennas in.  I ordered two different ones, The Mohu Leaf 50  and the BAM Cables HDTV Leaf.  I live in a small town in NE Kansas, the nearest big town is about 20 miles away and they have 3 broadcast stations.  Kansas City is at least 50 miles away.  Both performed the same and I got 6 channels, ABC, NBC, and Fox.

I pulled out all my DirectTV equipment, connected my AppleTVs and HD antennas to our two main TVs.


  • Cancelled $140/month of DirectTV Service
  • Signed up for SlingTV (49 channels) and Hulu, $48/month of service
  • HD Antenna get me local ABC, NBC and Fox stations, just missing CBS (but there’s and app for that)
  • AppleTV is very impressive piece of equipment, exceeded my expectations.  I think it will only get better.
  • The AppleTV remote is black and I can’t see it when I’m watching TV in bed at night!
  • There is another piece of equipment I will look at later.  HD HomeRun Extend allows you to get to your live local HD antenna stations through AppleTV, but it’s kinda pricey so I will wait a few months to see if I NEED it.
  • Will definitely be satisfied with no service provider and $90+ a month in savings!