Cut The Cord – Preparation

I am getting ready to test “cutting the cord”.  If you don’t know what this means, it is getting rid of my television service provider (DirectTV) and going with internet based streaming services.

The reasons I am doing this are two fold.  First, my kids (13 & 14) don’t watch much TV at all.  They are usually on their phones.  Second and the larger influence is to eliminate my DirectTV bill which is currently at $140 / month.

After talking with a co-worker and doing some research online I will outline my plan.

  1. I will purchase the hardware.  I have ordered a new AppleTV and an HD antenna.  The AppleTV will be used for my streaming apps.  Apple just announced their new TV app, “you have one place to access shows and movies from multiple video apps — in one unified experience.”  The antenna will be used to see how many local broadcast stations I will be able to get for free.
  2. Next decide on my streaming apps.  After talking with my coworker I am going with SlingTV (Orange + Blue).  This service will give me 49 live channels for $40/month.  I will also get a Hulu subscription.  With that subscription I will get my necessary shows (The Goldbergs,  Modern Family, and The Middle plus others).  This service will be $8/month.  I will see how these two services satisfy my television needs.  Most likely I will one off some other services as needed.
  3. Once I get this in place, I plan to test the usability of this system and if I can watch what I want when I want to.

Summary, I will pay $210 up front for hardware and $48/month in streaming services.  So with reducing my current DirectTV bill by $92 I will have a 2 month ROI and then will reap the benefits of that monthly savings.